Monday, May 09, 2005

Bangkok : The Big Mango Peeled - by Joyce Lim

Dear All,

First things first - this is a great initiative and congrats to those who birthed this idea - I just knew that that the girls in 1972 CHIJ would never lose their edge!!!! Way cool. I remember so many faces when I see the names! I wonder if all of you still look like you did in 1984????

Leigh, this is another one of your swell ideas. So here's my bit on

I have lived in Bangkok (a.k.a Slutsville Central - yes, it is all true, the fat bastard angmohs and the prepubescent Thai girls and boys are sickening) for the past 4 years. A lot of you come to Bangkok over a long weekend and hit the usual routes: Weekend Market, Weekend Market, Weekend Market.

There's a lot more to Bangkok than the Weekend Market for those who are up there for food and shopping, here are a few tips:

1. The Market is known as JJ to locals. The best way to it is the Skytrain (Mochit Station). See, bargain, buy is the ONLY strategy. Forget about coming back later. You will NOT find it!

2. Safe to eat most things in Bangkok, even cut fruit and Som Tam (papaya salad). Mai Phet is what you say when you don't want it too spicy - not spicy does not exist in the Thai vocab.

3. Jim Thompson's house is also nice (National Stadium station) but the silk is overrated. The bags are so-so. Very old lady, if you ask me. The bags from Jim Thompson are good only in their Emporium outlet - less old lady. Forget about coming to the Jim Thompson sale - too many sharp expat elbows to battle for ugly napkins and leftover elephant coasters.

4. Supatra River House is a nice place for a romantic dinner by the Chao Praya river. Ask your hotel for the tel. number and book. Ask the restuarant to have their boat pick you up at Saphan Taksin Pier, that way, you can cruise the Chao Praya to dinner and the boat will bring you back to the pier after. The pier is at Saphan Taksin station.

5. The Marriott Resort and Spa dinner cruise on board the Mahnora Song is a lovely way to experience the chao praya during sunset. Not expensive, I think and the food is quite ok. But not local-local, just Thai for farangs (i.e. foreigners)but good enough. Must book in advance, ask your hotel for the tel number of Marriott Resort and Spa and then book when you arrive.

So dear all, have fun when you come to Bangkok and nice to see that we are all hooked up!

Cheers from the Big Mango,
Joyce Lim
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