Friday, June 02, 2006

Hong Kong : Jennifer Wong ( Class of 1972 )

Hi Everyone!

I am still trying to navigate my way around this whole group thing...
sorry lah, brains irrevocably damaged by the whole beauty queen

Come July, I would have lived in Hong Kong for a year, and here are
some things about the Fragrant Harbour I thought might interest you

1. They have Hello Kitty credit cards and sanitary napkins.

2. Nobody stares at you if you walk on the streets in one neon pink
tight and one neon green tight, with high cut shoes, but they all
stop and stare when you breastfeed in public.

3. If you take the mini bus, there are no bells to let the driver
know u want to alight, so you must shout out the name of your
destination... this was the cause of EXTREME anxiety for me for the
first few months, and I often wound up somewhere else because I could
not be understood.

4. HK is not all concrete jungle, there are many beautiful hiking
and biking trails, camping trails and beautiful beaches (watch out
for sharks though, they are striking back after years of the Chinese
eating sharks' fin soup!).

5. Disneyland is opening this September on Lantau island.

Thanks for getting this all together guys!

Take care!

Jennifer ( Wong )


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